how effective is your procurement?

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PAMS is a professional service that provides access to a comprehensive source of advice, support and guidance.

Did you know? An effective procurement capability will:

  • Have a direct, positive and immediate impact on profitability.
  • Reduce the overall amount spent on goods and services.
  • Increase your competiveness and market share.
  • Help you to manage contracts and contractual risks.
  • Reduce purchasing transaction time and associated costs.
  • Release funds for capital investment, recruitment and training.
  • Educate senior management and secure buy-in.
  • Identify and evaluate new and better suppliers and partners.
  • Reduce inventory levels and improve ROCE.
  • Raise awareness of good purchasing principles and behaviours.
  • Educate and mentors staff and aims for self-sufficiency.
  • Improve cash flow.

Sounds like it might be relevant and suitable to you or your business?

If so, take the next couple of minutes to consider the following list of common concerns and problems experienced by both senior management and occupational buyers alike.

  1. Are your procurement controls and processes a bit of a nightmare - time-consuming, probably inefficient and in need of streamlining?
  2. Does your team really know how to buy goods and services in the right way? Are they aware of the need to buy different things in different ways to secure the best deal and manage risks?
  3. Are you certain that your current contracts represent good value and truly reflect the best available to you in the market?
  4. Do your staff buy mostly from sponsored sites as a quick and easy way to source goods and services, even though these are often not price competitive?
  5. Are you happy that major purchases are negotiated effectively and that the contracts are tight?
  6. Do you know how to adequately identify risks (safety, commercial, technical) and cover them contractually?
  • Are the specifications you use in contracts and purchase orders precise and succinct?
  • Would you know your basic rights when in a contractual dispute?
  • Do you often find that your final cost for goods or services exceeds the initially agreed price or budgeted cost?
  • Do you have someone to go to as a sounding board for testing and developing procurement ideas and strategies, or just to get a second opinion?
  • Do you feel that appropriate conduct and ethical behaviour feature adequately in your purchasing policy?
  • Does everyone in the organisation know their role in the buying process and understand and accept their personal responsibilities when spending company money?
  • Are you certain that company money is only spent on goods and services for the company?

If any of the above sound familiar to you, please book your free purchasing effectiveness assessment here.  More information on the process can be found HERE and our fee structure can be found HERE.

Our Misson

We firmly believe in the benefits that effective procurement can have on an organisation’s bottom line, its people and its performance overall.

We want to provide a way for businesses to access our knowledge and skills base without them having to spend large sums of money on expensive consultants or unsuitable proprietary procurement systems.

We will support our clients in raising their awareness of the downfalls of poor buying, improving their own buying capability and helping their businesses succeed through more effective management of their supply chain.

our promise

We will not take on business where we believe that our intervention will not result in a net benefit to the customer.