the pams process

the process

We have designed PAMS in a way that encourages personal interaction between our procurement specialists and your people. We believe that in this way we can achieve a direct and better understanding of your particular needs and that a valued and trusting relationship will be developed between us.

Although we will develop our service to be supported by the latest in Information Technology, the cornerstone of our offering is that we are ‘hands on’ and, as such, we will never stop providing face-to-face contact as appropriate with dedicated and direct phone and email support.

PAMS Implementation & Improvement Concept

  1. Complete procurement fact finder questionnaire
  2. Procurement maturity assessment
  3. Initial analysis and recommendations
  4. Set out key challenges and opportunities
  5. High level cost and savings proposal
Strategy and Engagement
  1. Communicate to key personnel and stakeholders
  2. Procurement positioning analysis
  3. Establish procurement improvement criteria
  4. Prioritise projects and initiatives
  5. Confirm bespoke solution design
implement bespoke solutions
  1. Policies, processes, systems and procedures
  2. Contract strategy development
  3. Sourcing, supplier selection and performance improvement
  4. Methods of procurement and best practice
  5. Negotiation strategy, planning, tools and techniques
Evaluate and integrate
  1. Ensure procurement processes are optimum
  2. Monetise results of pilot projects and extrapolate
  3. Prioritise the procurement portfolio for roll-out
  4. Develop and track roll-out programme
  5. Identify the need for additional resources
Standardisation and
  1. Sets the improved procurement methods as the standard
  2. Re-calibrates the business plan for improved performance
  3. Ensures changes are not lost or forgotten
  4. Procurement coaching and training needs analysis
  5. Agrees an exit or maintenance plan for PAMS
Further details regarding the engagement process are available here