what is pams?

so what is pams?

procurement, advice & mentoring services

Buying, purchasing, contracting, procurement, sourcing - it doesn’t matter what you call it, how often you do it or what you do it for, we can support you to do it better and directly and positively impact your bottom line as a result.

PAMS provides targeted support as and when you require it and across the full range of procurement-related topics, including but not limited to:

  • Analysis of your purchasing maturity and effectiveness.
  • Board-level advice – including Non-Exec representation if desired.
  • Procurement organisational design and transformation.
  • Recommendation of the suite of purchasing policies, procedures, processes and controls required to fit your business needs.
  • Bespoke purchasing policy and principles manual.
  • Full mentor support on purchasing strategy, tactics, processes and procedures.
  • Procurement Positioning Analysis and Supply Chain Strategy.
  • Savings estimating, targeting and implementation planning.
  • Full design and delivery of bespoke procurement processes, policy, tools, templates, manual, etc.
  • Evaluation and recommendation of procurement functional system requirements.
  • Detailed contract strategy development including downstream contract management.
  • Negotiation strategy development, tools and action planning.
  • Sourcing strategy development including buying from abroad.
  • Procurement training needs analysis, delivery and tracking.

Our undertaking is to respond to each contact we receive from our subscribers effectively and as quickly as practically possible. It could be a single ’phone call to ask a straightforward question with an answer given straightaway or a request for guidance or advice on a more general or wider issue and involving a more extensive dialogue and exchange of documents.

So how will you achieve immediate value with PAMS?

As part of the initial take up of the service and included in the standard subscription fee, we will provide you with a selection of deliverables (tailored to your organisations specific needs) from the following list based on what we agree your organisation would benefit most from:

  1. Initial, high level spend review
  2. Procurement policy document
  3. Procurement procedure
  4. Supporting material for roles, responsibilities and delegations of authority
  5. Negotiation aids and preparation plan
  6. Specification writing guidance
  7. Template tools for tender assessment/bid evaluation
  • Supplier selection/prequalification template process and documents
  • Procurement management templates (management reporting, savings recording, contract register and procurement plan)
  • Guidance and templates for supplier/contract performance monitoring & reporting
  • High level review and commentary on your Conditions of Contract/Ts&Cs

…with all of the above being supported as part of the service during the term of your PAMS subscription.

As a subscriber to PAMS, you will also be entitled to participate in periodic webinars. Occasional workshops and training courses will also be on offer for free.

What PAMS is not

  • It does not provide you with a dedicated, full-time procurement person
  • It is not an agency/contract staff service
  • It doesn't cover doing your buying for you

Why is PAMS also suitable for many SMEs?

If for you buying is a business necessity rather than the business you’re in, then as an SME you’re not likely to have the largest, most well developed, most highly skilled and experienced procurement function - yet you are still likely to face a range of procurement needs of varying complexity and value that you will expect to fulfil.

Many SMEs do not have either the critical mass (in terms of the level of procurement activity) or the business maturity to set up or operate a dedicated procurement function. Often they employ a buyer or two to ‘do’ their purchasing, and without proper consideration given to the controls and processes required to provide an effective service to the business.

Even with an established procurement function in place, many SMEs are unlikely to have the depth of knowledge or breadth of experience to enable them to adequately deal with each and every procurement need all of the time - they may lack the particular experience or that little bit of extra know-how that if they had it to hand they could get on and do it themselves rather than having to resort to contracting it out or bringing in a consultant or temp.

It is not that SMEs universally do not recognise the value of good procurement, it is just that it can be difficult for them to resource and organise to achieve it consistently well.

Our focus is on enabling organisations to do their procurement and do it better by providing targeted support and advice as and when required as a tactical, affordable alternative to either buying-in strategic sourcing solutions and similar consultant-supplied standard offerings or to increasing the procurement staff headcount.

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